From the Pastor’s Desk: 

        It seems like spring is finally here.  We are celebrating Easter, flowers are starting to come up, farmers are getting in the field and the birds are singing.  So many things to celebrate when spring comes.  New life, new opportunities and the excitement that warmer days are just around the corner.  After the Easter season we are diving back into the Old Testament and learning about people who were called by God to lead and use their lives for his calling.  This got me wondering what is God calling us to do here at Trinity?  As a church God is calling us to grow.  Just like the new plants that are starting to peak through are expected to grow and blossom, so are we as members of the body of Christ.  How are you doing in that?  Have you found it difficult or easy to grow in your faith lately?  Your relationship with God is a personal relationship that must be worked on each and every day.  If you don’t already, take a moment to read the daily Bible verses that the church puts in the bulletin. Get to know God more and what He is saying to us in His word, pause in prayer to the one who created the universe, and join with fellow believers on Thursday and Sunday!

Not only is this a great time to focus on growing, but also on what God has called you to do to be a part of His plan.  That’s right, just like Joshua, Gideon, Deborah, Ruth and so on were a part of God’s plan for His creation, so are you!  The church needs you, the community needs you and God desires to use you for His glory.  God has gifted you and placed a desire on your heart that he wants to work through you. So, where can you lead or volunteer?  Trinity has many different opportunities for you to step into the role that God has placed on your heart.  Do not second guess yourself, but start the process of leading or volunteering in ministry!  This could be in the children’s ministry or youth ministry, it could be leading a Bible study or helping in worship.  Maybe it is a new way to reach out to the community or help those in need.  Whatever it is that God has placed on your heart I invite you to pray about and come talk to me.

So, as you see the flowers grow and bloom, the fields turn green and hear the sound of machinery, look for growth in your own life.  Where is God calling you to grow and expand for Him?  Take a step out of the boat and lead where God is calling.  I look forward to the new growth, new opportunities and new life that we see this spring and beyond at Trinity!

Pastor Jeremy