We are coming to the close of the year 2020. I remember starting of the year with some corny jokes about vision.  I think we can all say that we did not see what happened this year coming. Lives have changed, expectations are different and how we engage with each other has been impacted.  It seems like many activities, hopes and dreams have been cancelled for this year and the journeys that we would have gone on this year have taken a back seat.

This year as we walk into advent we are going to focus on the theme of the journey to Bethlehem.  We all know the people who came to see Jesus, but why did they come?  Each week we will focus on a different group of people and journey with them to the Bethlehem. The wisemen came from afar with hopes of worshiping the new born king. The shepherds came with peace given from angels. The Angels came with joy to express the birth of the Messiah and Mary and Joseph came with a deep love in their hearts to be considered worthy to carry and parent the Son of God.  As we look at each journey may we experience the emotions, the struggles and the reason behind why all this happened. Although many of the why’s, how’s and when’s may be different, they all came for the same reason.  They all came to Bethlehem because of Jesus.  Let’s travel with them this holiday season.

Although many of the events and activities that we longed for have been cancelled this year I can guarantee you that Christmas will not be cancelled.  How could we ever think that the celebration of the coming of Jesus could be cancelled?  As most things in 2020 it may look different, but no pandemic is going to stop Jesus from coming the first time or the second time. So this Christmas season make sure to hold on to the hope that Jesus came and is coming again.  His coming will not be postponed, pushed back or cancelled, but it will happen just as we were told.  Jesus has come and Jesus is coming again! Praise be to God.

Please join us at Trinity on Christmas Eve as we celebrate the birth of the Messiah.  We will have services at 3 and 6 pm to allow for the maximum amount of space.  We would appreciate it if you RSVP to which service you will be attending so that we can make sure there is plenty of seats for everyone!  We will end our service by lighting candles and singing praises to God.  Invite a neighbor, family member or friend to join you as we worship the newborn King!


Pastor Jeremy