From the Desk of an Elder….


What are you doing to reflect on this Lenten season?

It is Ash Wednesday as I think about what to write for the March Trumpet. This day also marks the

beginning of Lent. This a very solemn time in the life of the church. Some people use this time to

reflect back on themselves and think of what they can do to improve upon. Others take this time to give

up something in their daily routine for the next 40 days. A common idea is a certain food or drink to

abstain from. The main idea is to give up or sacrifice something in our life for the next 40 days.

People use this time of “giving up something” to reflect on how the can improve themselves. This

experience should teach us to appreciate what we have sacrificed.

We have a somewhat similar situation her at Trinity. Although it was not our choice, we are without a

pastor. We are all experiencing what it is like to be without a spiritual leader. We are all wanting to get

back to that position of normalcy. (Even I can’t wait to have a pastor again.) But this is going to take

some time. More than 40 days. (We are nearly at 40 weeks at this point). We are very fortunate to

have a good consistory to lead us at this time. However we need everyone to help at this time. We all

need to minister to each other and tend to their needs.

I am hearing from time to time that this or that is not happening because we have no pastor. While this

may be true in some cases (Lenten services at this time), this lends itself to be a poor excuse in my

opinion. In this time without a pastor, reflect how you want Trinity to be seen as a church. What can

each one of us do to aid in the calling of a new pastor. The search team is looking for the right

candidate, but we as a church should show that we are the right church for that candidate. Elder Ken

had written about church attendance in lasts month newsletter, and that would help in finding a pastor.

As the committee looks at a pastors resume to get to know him, that pastor is also looking or watching

us to see if we would be worthy of his talents. He may very well watch some of our services on youtube

to what the congregation looks like. He may very well talk to other pastors that have visited our church.

I remember a conversation with a pastor friend years ago. This was pertaining to getting new members

in the church or at least more people in the seats. His thought was we (as a congregation) need to invite

the people in and it is his duty to keep them there. I know that when Dawn and I joined your church it

was because it was the way we were invited and treated by you the congregation.

I hope you reflect and think about some of these comments as we are “doing without a pastor”This is

just a couple of thoughts I have as we enter this season of Lent this year. Still haven’t decided what I am

going to “give up” this season, but I am not going to give up on helping Trinity move forward.

                                                                                     Brent Janssen