From the Pastor’s Desk:



           Happy New Year!! I am so excited to start this new year with you with a prayer that we all grow in our faith this year by working on 6 disciplines together.  I know this sounds like a big undertaking, but we are going to build slowly and work on this together.  Below is the layout of what is to come and I want to encourage you to accept each challenge. As we cover the six disciplines we will start and end each discipline with a survey to see if we are growing in that area.  Please take the time to do each survey and join in with each challenge. You can start all the challenges at once or add a challenge monthly to build on the last month.  These challenges are not just for a month,  but for each day going forward.

#1 Scripture. During the month of January we will be focused on the word of God.  We will learn how important it is and how to study it.  Each week we will grow deeper in a different dynamic of scripture. The challenge for month 1 is to read 1 chapter a day or to commit to reading through  the whole Bible in a year. Along with reading each challenge has an audio teaching that goes with it each day.  I will send those out via email to help us learn about what we are reading.

#2 Connecting with Jesus.  We have all heard about a relationship with Jesus and as with any relationship we must stay connected to have it grow.  During this month we will talk about how connected we are in our relationship with Jesus and how to grow that connection on a daily basis. The challenge for this month is to commit to weekly worship in church and to create a youtube list of worship songs that you can play on repeat to keep the uplifting message of Jesus on your mind all the time.

#3 Prayer.  To some of us prayer can be intimidating, especially if it is out loud.  Prayer is simply talking to God, so even when praying in a group it is not about what others think of your prayer, but what God thinks.  Prayer is powerful and we often don’t realize the power that is right in front of us. There are 3 ways I want to challenge you this month. Please pray 3 times a day as a family or individually, team up with 1 other person from the church and pray for and with each other 1 time a week and join us at our monthly prayer meeting at church!

#4 Evangelism. I know, I know even the word brings worry in the minds of some, but that shouldn’t be for those who have a relationship with Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is said to give us words to say, power, and strength.  The challenges this month will be to share what God is doing in your life with someone, To share the good news of Jesus with 1 person each week and to invite a friend or neighbor to join you in worship.

#5 Serving Others.  This one seems to come easier to people.  We like to help others out when they are in need.  God has blessed us to be a blessing with finances, things and abilities. With that in mind the challenges for this month will be to have our eyes open to a need in the lives of people around us and meet that need and to volunteer/lead a ministry where we are gifted at church. Many hands make light work.

#6 Fellowship with believers.  Make sure that fellowship has a purpose. It is more than just getting together

with people, but to do so with the purpose of building relationships and a part of relationships is our faith. So

the challenge this month is to connect with people from church throughout the week.  Join a small group

where you will connect with others and with God.


Pastor Jeremy