From the Pastor’s Desk:


The month of June brings us to the end of this six month series training us to dive deeper into spiritual disciplines.  Our last discipline to focus on will be fellowship.  This means we will be growing in how to be the best Christian brother or sister to a fellow believer.  We are not just talking about how to be hospitable and hang out with each other, but how to better each other in faith and care for spiritual growth in those around us.  This life is about so much more than work, sports, having fun and enjoying our time on this earth.  This life should be mostly about how we are honoring God and furthering his kingdom every moment of everyday.

The first week we will cover unity and looking to the interest of others.  This does not mean always agreeing with others, but seeing how we can speak truth in love to all we come in contact with. The best interest of others is to live a godly life in this world.  If we are experiencing some behavior that does not honor God it is best for us to hold accountable and point it out.  Also, we know that divisions do not lead to growth and so we will talk about how to stand firm on the truth and yet humble ourselves to love others where they are at.

Week number two we will cover some familiar territory and talk about how to live in patience, gentleness and encouragement with those around us.  Even as believers in Christ we will make mistakes and need the patience of others as we make things right through Christ. We need the gentleness of their correction and their encouragement to focus more on our relationship with God.  We need to trust that if change needs to happen, that it will only happen through the power of the Holy Spirit and we are called to walk alongside in the process

Week number three we will walk through being forgiven and forgiving others.  This can be easier said than done.  Many of us are wired to see the faults in others rather than in ourselves.  We look to the speck in our brothers eye rather than the plank in our own.  To be the best friend we can be we must first be honest before God with our own shortcomings so that we can help those around us in their shortcomings. Lord humble us to be honest before you this week.

Finally, we will talk about accountability and spiritual growth. This last week will finish up our 6 month series with a review of what truly is important.  We need a community that will challenge and support us to a lifestyle of spiritual growth.  There is no other club, committee, organization, event or situation that is more valuable than what goes into our faith.  In the end God will want to know what we did with his gifts, his talents, his ability, his time and I hope that we all have a good answer as we stand before the throne.  It’s time for a change of culture and a change of mentality of how we spend our time.  Church it is time to grow!


Pastor Jeremy