From the Pastor’s Desk: 

         It’s been a year. That phrase itself can be said in so many ways.  It can be said with excitement as we celebrate recovery from cancer. It can be said with sadness as we remember a loved one lost. It can be said with disbelief as we mark another birthday. It can also be said with exhaustion as you continue to trudge through difficulties in your life.  So much wrapped up into one phrase and so much can be learned by how you say that phrase.  As we approach the year mark of the Corona virus pandemic, or at least the restrictions that have been in place, how would you say that phrase? Do you feel a sense of excitement that the end may be in sight with the vaccine rolling out?  Do you feel sad because someone you cared about has passed away from Corona?  Are you in disbelief that a year later we are still walking through this pandemic?  Maybe you feel exhausted from the extra hours, the lack of person to person contact or hyper vigilance in your cleaning?  You may have all of these emotions wrapped into one or it may change from hour to hour.  So what have we learned over the last year?

My hope is that first and foremost we learned that God is still in control.  There is no pandemic, no life and death situation that is outside the view and power of God.  God cares for our day to day interactions and he also sees the blip of our life in the view of eternity.  He has seen us from the beginning in our mother’s womb and can already see the day we will breathe our last.  This pandemic and the effects that it has had on humanity were not a surprise to God.  Through it all we can rely on God more than any other person or treatment that ever existed on this planet.The second thing I hope we have learned this year is the value of each other.  Although the pandemic and politics have caused division so deep in our culture, it is my hope that as the body of Christ we have grown to look past the division and see each other for who we are. Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  I have witnessed my fair share of anger, rudeness and fighting among the body of Christ this year and it saddens my heart.  We have been called to live in unity with each other as far as it is up to us.  We cannot control the other person, but we can control how we interact and respond in the midst of disagreement.Finally, I hope we have learned the importance of worshipping together as the body of Christ.  In the last year we have experienced worship in ways we never thought we would, and what we have noticed is that nothing really can take the place of in person worship alongside fellow believers.  Can we worship online? Absolutely!  Is it a great long term situation? Nope! I look forward to the days when the church will be full with people again and I know that we are closer today than we were yesterday.  Remember church, let’s never give up meeting together for the glory of God!

As we look back we are filled with many emotions and none of us know what this next year will hold, but what we do know is that God is in control and sees every moment of the year before us.  May we continue to be faithful in all we do for his glory! 


                                                            Pastor Jeremy