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Hello and thanks for checking out the Trinity Reformed Church Website.  We hope

that this website will help you better understand the ministry taking place here at

Trinity Reformed Church in Allison, Iowa.

Trinity Reformed Church is a part of the Reformed Church in America.  The ministry

at Trinity Reformed Church began in 1948. It is our mission to proclaim the Word of

God and to seek by His grace to carry out the ministry of the Kingdom of God.

Together, we grow, encourage, witness, worship, and seek to reach out to those in

our community and beyond with the love of Jesus Christ. 

We would like to invite you to attend a worship service at Trinity

Reformed.  Perhaps a ministry offered at Trinity could reach out

to your needs and help you to grow in your relationship with

Jesus Christ.  We offer specific ministries to young children, 

youth, college students, adults, and senior citizens. 

If you have any questions or would like to learn more

about growing in faith and serving the Lord, please feel free

to call (319-267-2982) or email us (trinref@gmail.com).                                              

Our Mission:

"To proclaim the Word of God and to seek by His grace to carry out the ministry of the Kingdom of God"

Core Values:

  • We deeply value the Bible as the Word of God. We believe that God’s Word must be the foundation for all preaching, teaching and daily living. 
  • We deeply value the importance of coming together regularly for praise and worship. We believe that participation in worship glorifies God and helps us grow in our Christian faith.
  • We deeply value providing opportunities for spiritual growth and education that help people of all ages and backgrounds come to:
  • Understand God’s redemptive plan of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ
  • Experience new life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Mature as faithful followers, disciples, witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ
  • We deeply value faithful stewardship, service and commitment as we carry out the Great Commandment and Great Commission.
  • We deeply value the work of mission and evangelism as we contribute personal time. hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ.

Church Profile

Trinity Reformed Church - Allison, Iowa

Reformed Church in America

Date of Profile: 10/15/2018

Section A. Background Information

1. Name of church: Trinity Reformed Church

2. Web address: www.trinref.org

3. Mailing address:

   Trinity Reformed Church

   614 Cherry St. 

   Alison, IA 50602

   City / State / Zip Code

   Telephone: (319) 267-2982

   E-Mail address: trinref@gmail.com

4. Classis: Pleasant Prairie Classis

5. Classis Supervisor: William Peake

   402 2nd St. SW Street

   Buffalo Center, Iowa -504241150  

   Telephone: (641) 590-1901

   E-Mail address: rev@wctatel.net

7. Membership:

    Active Confessing Members 149

   Inactive Confessing Members 15

   Age of all active members (baptized and confessing)

     16 % 0-20 years old

     11 % 20-34 years old

     10 % 35-49 years old

     23 % 50-64 years old

     40 % 65 years and older

8. Racial/Ethnic composition of congregation:

   0% African American

   .5 % Asian

   99.5 % Caucasian

   0% Hispanic

   0% Other: (please specify)

9. Worship schedule:

   Average Attendance (includes adults and children) 120

   Time of worship  9 a.m.

   Five years ago Average attendance  140

10. Describe a typical worship service (order of worship, music, etc.) 

   We use a mixture of contemporary and traditional music.  We continue to use lay liturgists regularly.  The order of

   worship has remained the same as past years.  We have hymns of praise, prayers, children's message, special music, 

   scripture, message, offering, and more hymns.  Our service is one hour long.  We have five volunteer alternating

   praise teams including three praise singers, a keyboardists, a sound technician, and a projectionist.

11. Financial Information:  

   Total RCA related contributions

      5 years ago $15926

      today  $8093

   Total other contributions

      5 years ago $13674

      today  $19365

   Percentage of total budget contributed by living donors: 100-90 %

12. Congregational Giving:

   Number of those whose annual contribution is:

      Less than $500 - 30

      $501- $1,500 - 17

      $1,501- $2,500 - 13

      $2,501-$3,500 - 4

      Greater than $3,500 - 16

13. Financial assistance: Do you receive financial assistance beyond the congregation? (rents, etc.) 


14. Church/Sunday School:

   Average attendance Five years ago  35

   Average attendance Today  35

15. Describe briefly all educational programs (including children, young adult, adult).

   Sunday School: Pre-K-12th Grade meet after church for 45 minutes. Pre-K and Kindergarden follow a Children

      & Worship program. The HS Class will be studying the Heidelburg catechism starting in 2019. There are three other

      classes that are divided according to age who focus on Bible lessons. There are 25 students enrolled.

   Adult Sunday School: Discuss various studies throughout the year with 10-15 attending regularly.

   GEMS Program: Pre-K-8th grade girls that meet twice a month. We have five leaders and around 25 girls that attend.

   CADETS Program: K-8th grade boys that also meet twice a month. We have three leaders and average of 8 boys    


   Middle School Youth Group: 5-8th grades, meets twice a month with an average of ten children attending. Parents and

      one leader rotate teaching.

   Sr. Youth Group:9-12th grades, meets every Wednesday night at The Corner.

16. Church groups/organizations: Briefly describe ministry purpose of each group.

   Name of group Frequency of Meeting (i.e. weekly, bi-monthly, etc)

   Men's Bible Study 10 times year attendance 10

   Women's Bible Study 4-5 months/year attendance 10

17. Comment on one event or experience over the last year that has significantly contributed to the spiritual life of the


   Congregational Mission Trip to Missouri with 17 people participating. Helped renovate two homes that were affected by


18. Buildings: Please describe church-owned or rented buildings and purpose. Church Profile Form 7

   Allison Little Lambs: Trinity opened a daycare center in September 2015, as a mission to fill a need within our   

      community and reach the community through Christian care of children within Allison and other surrounding

      communities. The daycare is located down the street from Trinity.

   The Corner: Middle Schoolers retreat there 3 days after school for 2-3 hours with 10-40 attending on different days.    

      The Corner is also used for High School Youth meetings,

   Bible Studies, Day Camp for our older day care children. and our Community Closet which serves those in need at no cost.

   The church has a sanctuary that can hold 250 people. There is a fellowship hall that is used for funeral lunches, fund

      raisers, Youth Group meetings, and daily fitness classes.

   We have a newly renovated kitchen off the fellowship hall. There are 5 classrooms used for Sunday School. We have

      a nursery available for small children. There is a small library off the fellowship hall. The bathrooms are handicap

      accessible. The front doors are also handicap accessible with electric doors at ground level. Next to the church, 

      there is a two story parsonage with bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is also a double car unattached garage.

19. Do you plan any capital expenditure during the next five years? No

20. Is there a mortgage indebtedness? Yes

   Amount: $ 163,700 for the Daycare. $12,500 for The Corner

   Of how long standing? 25 years - Daycare; 5 Years - The Corner

   Annual rate of repayment $919/month - Daycare; $300/month - The Corner

21. Pastor’s study:   In church

22. List all paid staff in addition to the pastor:

   Administrative Assistant - Part time

   Financial Assistant - Part time

   Janitor - Part time

23. Consistory Membership: What method is used in selecting members?

   Nominees approved by the consistory will be contacted (beginning with those receiving the highest number of  

      nominations) in order to seek their consent to serve.

   The consistory will present a double slate of consenting nominees at our December congregational meeting. At this

      meeting, each nominee will choose a bible with 2 individuals being chosen to serve in each office.

   Please list present Consistory members:

    Elder - male - City Utility Clerk

    Elder - male - Retired Farm Ag Businessman

    Elder - male - Farmer

    Elder - male - Auctioneer

    Elder - female - Jewelry Sales person

    Elder - female - School Aide

    Deacon - male - Soft Water Business Owner

    Deacon - male - Insurance Office

    Deacon - male - Farm Employee

    Deacon - male - Farm Ag businessman

    Deacon - female - Nursing Home Kitchen Employee

    Deacon - female - accountant, administrative assistant

24. What leadership roles do women currently fill in your church?

   The women hold several roles in our church. They are elders, deacons, Sunday  School teachers, youth leaders, 

      keyboardists, lay liturgists, assist in worship, administration, and custodian.

25. In our congregation:

   Had up to twelve years of formal education - most have

   Had some education beyond high school - many have

   A college degree - many have

   A graduate degree - a few have

26. In our congregation:

   Scientists & Engineers - few are

   Farmers - many are

   Business People - many are

   Students & Teachers - many are

   Industrial Workers - many are

   Office Workers - many are

   Other: Retired - many are

27. Special training/experience desired:

   We would like our pastor to have special counseling training for premarital counseling, marriage counseling, and death

   and dying counseling. A good communicator with all ages would be an asset.

28. Languages:

   Should your pastor be fluent in any language other than English?  No

29. The salary we are prepared to offer our new pastor is:

   Will follow RCA salary guidelines

   The average annual increase to our pastor over the past three years was $2%

30. Is a parsonage provided? Yes

   If so, is it on site with the church? Yes

31. Is a Minister’s housing allowance in lieu of a parsonage a negotiable option?  No


Yes Retirement

Yes Major Medical Insurance

Yes Health/Hospital Insurance

Yes Life Insurance

Yes Dental Insurance

No Unemployment Insurance

Yes Disability Insurance

Annual Vacation (Number of Weeks) - 4

Necessary Comments regarding above:

Utilities, water, land line phone service are all paid for by the church. Salary and benefits are based on classis guidelines.

33. Community served: (please check one)

Rural: Under 2,500

34. Cooperative ministry: In what ways have you cooperated with other churches in your community during the past


   We participate in the following community activities - Ministerial Association, Vacation Bible School, Community Lenten

      Service, Thanksgiving Eve Service, Graduation Baccalaureate, Jr High and Sr High Youth Groups, Gems & Cadets, 

      and Community Clothes Closet

35. Community involvement: In what community programs or projects have you

participated during the past year? (As an organization, not as individuals.)

   "Adopt A Highway", Allison Days Parade, Butler County Fair Booth, Mission trip to Missouri, Free supper and service

      at Wilder Park, Gospel Night of Singing, local broadcast of services on TV and on the internet.

36. What denominations or religions are present within three miles (in rural areas, consider the county) where your  

   church is located?

   Lutheran, Congregational Church, Bible Church

37. Outreach: What is your strategy to reach un-churched people in your community?

   A couple of years ago, we canvassed the town with fliers welcoming the unchurched to our church as well as passing  

      out fliers to the whole community.

   We have our agenda printed in the town newspaper weekly. Our GEMS and Cadet programs are open to the

      community and bring in kids that do not attend Trinity.

   The Corner is open Tues-Thurs afternoons to any middle school aged kids from the community. Several of the kids are

      not from Trinity.

   It is our desire through Allison Little Lambs to reach young families through child care and develop relationships that

      might lead them to God's kingdom.


38. The income level of the people in our congregation tends to be:    About average for our community

39. Describe the community and school system: (Provide website links were appropriate.)

   We live in a rural farming community with the church on the east side of town. Allison is within driving distance of about

      15-35 miles to major shopping centers and theaters. Allison offers a grocery store, hardware store, post office, 

      insurance offices, gas stations, and other small town businesses. We are also proud of our park which offers

      camping, fishing, bike trails, playgrounds, and more. Allison is the county seat where our famous Butler County Fair

      is held in the summer. Our school is combined with Allison, Greene and Bristow communities and called North    

      Butler.  We have the PreK- 6th grade in Allison and the 7th-12th grade in Greene.

40. Record of last three pastors:

   Pastor Gary Mulder 2009 to 2018   

   Pastor Steve Petroelje 1999 to 2008

   Pastor Virgil Dykstra 1991 to 1998

41. Please complete your profile with the following contacts:

   Gary Krukow Vice President, Consistory

   Brian Steenhoek Classis Supervisor


Section B. Reflections

Please answer the following questions, adding your own experiences where appropriate.

   1) What is the stated mission, vision or purpose of your congregation? 

      "To proclaim the Word of God and to seek by His grace to carry out the ministry of the Kingdom of God."

   2) What goals have been developed from your mission and vision over the next 5 years? ( Example new programs or  

      outreach ministries.) Include long range or strategic plan.

      Trinity works at carrying out our ministry by reaching out to the community through The Corner and opening Allison

      Little Lambs Child Care. We hope to not only reach the youth that attend but also their families. We continue to our

      ministry by sustaining youth and adult programs already in place. We also use technology to outreach to the  

      community through broadcasting our services through our local cable channel.

   3) Describe the strengths of your church, the best of what you are as a community, and what you can offer a new  


      Trinity is made up of a healthy core of lay leaders and members that continue to sustain our programs with the

      anticipation of a leader to take us to the next level.

   4) Explain the strategies or ideas that most excite your church in becoming or remaining missional.

      Trinity focuses and puts its efforts into several youth programs. We are excited about our growth in those areas. It is  

      our desire as a church body to find a leader that brings the Word to the whole congregation that stirs a desire

      for learning and sharing.

   5) Name three of your church’s most passionate hopes and why they are significant.

      Our hopes for Trinity are that we bring in a Biblical preaching pastor, grow our church’s membership and

      discipleship.  Our desire is to be a light to our community.

   6) How do you hope someone who visits your church would describe what s/he considers to be most important?

      We hope that anyone that visits Trinity, recognizes a friendly and welcoming body of believers living out their faith.

   7) Name at least one challenge facing your new pastor.

      The challenges facing our new pastor will be growing our membership, community outreach, and growth in  


   8) Describe your vision and hopes for your church and your pastor over the next 5 years.

      Together, with our pastor, we hope to continue being a faith focused church growing in its relationship with the Lord  

      while creating disciples within our church and community.

   9) Explain what ever else you would like your potential pastor to know about your church.

      We are a church that believes in honoring God and desires leadership to build and expand on our current foundation.