Sunday Morning Bulletin


 Trinity Reformed Church

January 16, 2022 Second Sunday after Epiphany

Worship 9:00 AM

(Live on Dumont Cable Chan. 1001 & on demand at



Welcome & Call to Worship

*Hymns of Praise

            “What A Friend”

            “Because He Lives”

            “As it is in Heaven”  

*Opening Prayer

*Greeting One Another

Children’s Message- Jamie Osterbuhr

Congregational Prayer


Prayer of Illumination

Scripture: Psalm 119:4, 9, 30, John 14:6, John 3:36 and

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Message: Making Gains – Bible VS. The World




Offertory Prayer

*Song: “Lord I Need You”


*Song:  “Alive and Breathing”



2022 is all about Making Gains.  Today as we look again at scripture and how it nourishes our body. We will be continuing off of last week as we think about what do we do when the instructions of scripture do not agree with what the world says is right.  This is something we all face on a daily basis.  How will we decide to live our lives?  Will we live for the kingdom of God or the kingdom of this world? 

Praise Team:  Robert Wix, Bree Van Genderen,

Kara Van Genderen

Next Sunday:  Praise Team 3


Keyboardist:  Denise Abbas  Next Sunday: Greta Cordes

Sound/Projection Operator: Ryan Fleshner

Video:  Lauren Fleshner

                                               Greeters Today: Tom & Pat Neal, Darwin and Joyce Fecht

                                  Greeters Next Sunday: Joel & Rosemary Sult, Tim and Denise Junker                         


Today at Trinity:

9:00 a.m. – Worship Service

10:00 a.m. - Fellowship

10:30 a.m. – Sunday School

5:30 p.m. – 1 Chapter a day small group

7:00 p.m. – Through The Bible in a Year small group


This Week at Trinity:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:00 AM – Holy Fitness

Wednesday: 7:00 PM – Middle School Youth Group

Wednesday: 7:00 PM- High School Youth Group

Thursday: 6:00 PM – 1 Chapter a day small group at the Abbas Home

Saturday: 9:00 AM – Community Closet is open


Prayer Concerns:

Please pray for our shut-ins and those in area care facilities – try to send them a card or stop in for a visit. Kathy Ackerman, Mary Aswegan and Frances Fank at Elm Springs in Allison, Vi Bahls, Edo Miller and Jim Oltmann at the Allison Rehab Center, Marjorie Marchal at Parker Place in Parkersburg,  Joyce Meyer at The Dumont Care Center, Robert Freeseman at the Valley View Center in Greene, and  Beulah Hearn and LaVera Dralle at home.



Calling all bakers! Each Wednesday night our youth meet to grow in their faith and fellowship around a meal.  We are very blessed to have people who will provide that meal each week and now we are calling on you to bless our youth with a dessert and beverages for the evening. Please sign up for a Wednesday and use your gifts for the glory of God!


Let’s Grow!! Each week we come together and discuss scripture and we want you to join us.  Do not be isolated in your faith, but join in community to ask questions, share what you learned that week and wrestle with tough verses.  It is so hard to do that alone, so join us on Thursday (1 chapter a day plan) at 6 at the Abbas home, Sunday (1 chapter a day plan) at 5:30 at church or Sunday(Through the Bible in a year) at 7:00 at church.  Everyone is welcome!! 

In The Word

We are now launching into our reading plans for the year.  You can chose to join us for 1 chapter a day or work on reading through the Bible in a year.


1 Chapter a Day

Memory Verse:  Genesis 17:9


Sunday: Genesis 16


Monday: Genesis 17


Tuesday: Genesis 18


Wednesday: Genesis 19


Thursday: Genesis 20


Friday: Genesis 21


Saturday: Genesis 22



Through The Bible in a Year

Memory Verse: Genesis 17:9


Sunday: Genesis 12-15


Monday: Genesis 16-18


Tuesday: Genesis 19-21


Wednesday: Genesis 22-24


Thursday: Genesis 25-26


Friday: Genesis 27-29


Saturday: Genesis 30-31