Please try to get your consistory nomination ballots turned in TODAY! As a church member it is your responsibility to help pick the leadership of our church.


GEMS/Cadets will kick-off  Wednesday, September 27, from

6-7 PM. Supper will be provided!!


Allison Little Lambs is doing the “Try Pie Bake and Serve Fundraiser” again during the month of September. Check out the delicious varieties offered on the table in the foyer. The last day to order is September 29th and they will be delivered Oct. 13.


Little Lambs is in need of paper supplies (TP, Kleenex, paper towels). If you can help out with donations, they may be dropped at church or at the daycare.


Please help us pass the word that The Corner is for sale. The price is $16,000. If you have questions or are interested, please contact Tim Junker or Parker Merritt.



In The Word



1 Chapter a Day


Sunday: Judges 2


Monday:  Judges 3


Tuesday: Judges 4


Wednesday: Judges 5


Thursday: Judges 6


Friday: Judges 7


Saturday: Judges 8


Sunday: Judges 8