Calling all bakers! Each Wednesday night our youth meet to grow in their faith and fellowship around a meal.  We are very blessed to have people who will provide that meal each week and now we are calling on you to bless our youth with a dessert and beverages for the evening. Please sign up for a Wednesday and use your gifts for the glory of God!


Let’s Grow!! Each week we come together and discuss scripture and we want you to join us.  Do not be isolated in your faith, but join in community to ask questions, share what you learned that week and wrestle with tough verses.  It is so hard to do that alone, so join us on Thursday (1 chapter a day plan) at 6 at the Abbas home, Sunday (1 chapter a day plan) at 5:30 at church or Sunday(Through the Bible in a year) at 7:00 at church.  Everyone is welcome!!