From the Pastor's Desk:

From the Pastor’s Desk:


Over the last month we have been building off of the foundation of faith we laid in the fall.  Much of what we have been focused on is how to put these practices into action. In the book of James we hear that “Faith without works is dead.”  So, as we continue in this series how are you putting the word of God and your faith into action?

In January the Consistory met and started casting vision for 2020 and beyond.  A vision that included growing in how we pray for people, care for people and share with people.  As you can tell this is going to be something we continue to focus on and make the center of how we live moving forward.  Continue to pray for the Consistory as they decide what that looks like in the ministries of Trinity going forward this year.

The next question is how are you going to put this into action?  How are you going to pray for, care for and share with others this year?  Maybe you can decide to pray for someone everyday, care for someone a couple of times a month and share with at least 1 person this year.  I encourage you to not use excuses when you make these goals.  Stretch yourself and ask God to lay on your heart how you can live this out.  Each of these aspects are biblical aspects that all Christians are called to be a part of.  It isn’t for the “gifted” or the “paid”, but for everyone who believes in Jesus Christ. 

In January’s Trumpet I reminded us of what could happen if we all are a part of bringing one person to Christ this year and then we continue that cycle for the years to come.  The number multiplies so quickly.  Scripture says that “God desires all to be saved” and so should we.  I know it feels awkward at first. Remember how awkward it was to ride a bike for the first time?  Remember how you fell, but you kept getting back up and trying again.  Maybe we should look at sharing our faith the same way.  It may feel awkward, we may fall down and fail, but we must get back up and once we do it a few times it will feel very natural and enjoyable.

So this month I encourage you to seek God and set some goals for your prayer, care and share action.  I believe that God can use Trinity Reformed to transform Butler County, North central/eastern Iowa, and beyond.  Just remember “Be strong and Courageous for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go!”



                                  Pastor Jeremy