Barb's thoughts


April showers bring May flowers.  Have you heard that phrase?  We know that to get our flowers or corn or beans or gardens, we must have rain.  We know that rain is good, but sometimes it is thought of as not so wanted, as it stops plans for work outside or recreation.  In our lives we have rain too, the times that we look at as not so desirable.  It could be an illness or accident, it could be a problem with a relationship, we all have many kinds of “rain” in our lives.  Many times people can look back on these times as a blessing and a time for growth.  When we have sunshine all the time, we tend not to rely on our Savior for help.  Tough  times can make us walk hand in hand with Him and trust in his guidance.   A forced rest can let us turn to our Bibles and prayer.  How we handle the “rain” in our lives can make a big difference in how we handle the sunshine as well.  We know that God loves us all the time no matter what but we have a choice.  Do we want to be Mr. Gloom and Doom or do we want to look forward to the sunshine?  Do we want to let the rain prepare us for the sunny days or do we just want to get wet?


On the radio program “Lighten Up”, I heard him say toddlers have the answer – Fall down and get up.  Good advice, don't you think?


Have you ever rediscovered a treasure you had not thought of for a while.  I just did that and it is the Trinity library!  Have you checked it out recently?  I found several old favorites and some new ones from favorite authors.  Francine Rivers is one of my favorites so it was nice to see a couple of new ones from her and also my all time favorite “Mark of the Lion” series also by her.  Right now I am reading the “At Home in Trinity” series written by Delia Parr about a midwife in the 1800's.  The Amish books are always popular reading.  If you want to dig a little deeper, those books are there too.  Check it out. You will find something you may not even have known you were looking for.   If you would like to review a book you have read, let me know. 


Remember to keep praying for the Van Genderen family.