Barb's thoughts

We are beginning a new year and with it come all sorts of resolutions. We are going to study our Bible more, we are going to spend more time in prayer, we are going to lose weight and eat better, we are going to exercise more and on and on. Why do we want to improve ourselves so much? Maybe it is because we know we have not been spending enough time with the Bible and prayer. Maybe we realize that we have not been treating the bodies that the Lord gave us as a temple and have not been eating in the best way for a healthy body. We may know that we do not take care of ourselves the way we should.

The easy part is making the resolution, the hard part is doing it. Two years ago we had a challenge to read the Bible in a year. Many of us took this challenge and I heard several people comment about their study. “ I never realized that was in the Bible” or “I have read that before but it hit me in a different way.” I don't know about you but I miss doing that daily reading and yes, I could have turned around and repeated it but did not. Now I am going to challenge you to do just that. Get out those Bibles that are set up to read in one year. If you don't have one, perhaps you could contact Sue and she could see if anyone has one you might use. Let's do it together.


Another thing I would wish for you is to stop putting off those things that you want to do “someday.” When I was working at the nursing home, we made a trip to Alaska. So many of the residents said how good it was that we were “going while we could.” Carl and I have no regrets but we have often heard someone say that they always wanted to do or go somewhere and now their mate was ill or had passed and it was too late. Children grow up and the experiences with them slip through your fingers. “We were always going to go to------ but mom and dad were always too busy.”


Go and Do also applies to your church life. Go, attend regularly and do something to help your church . Pray and the Lord will lead you in how he wants you to do this. Be a welcoming person, greet others, sing if that is your talent, help with serving, do liturgy, ask a consistory member what you could do. This is a new year so you can make a new start.