Barb's thoughts

Barb’s Thoughts:


March is a month of transition.  We are still not past winter but spring is not quite here either.  There is an old saying that if March comes in like a lion it will go out like a lamb or the reverse.  We can all tell stories about a March snowstorm.  My son was married March 17 and their car was decorated with a snowman on the hood.  Then there was the March that I actually planted some of my garden.  It is March when we start looking to see if the tulips are peeking through the cold ground.  A sure sign of spring and nice weather. 


But isn't our life like the month of March.  There are times when it is all good and “spring” is just around the corner.  We look forward to happy events and life is rosy.  We know that that is not the way it will always be.  There will be bad times too.   We may have illnesses or a death of a good friend or relative.  Neither the good times or the bad times will stay forever even if it may seem so for a while.  Sometimes we think we can handle things by ourselves and stop trusting in the Lord.  That is when we fall into trouble.  Remember a day in March when you thought you did not need to wear a coat because it was warm out?  Then the clouds rolled in and the wind picked up and you were shivering.  That is how our lives go.  We think we are fine on our own but then the clouds roll in and you realize that you should have trusted the weather man.  The forecast was there but you did not listen.  Our Savior is there and we do need to listen and trust in him.  He will provide what we need when tough times come.  Cold rainy weather isn't so bad if you have a coat and umbrella.  Troubles can be handled if we have trust in our Lord.  He is our shelter in the time of storm like the old hymn tells us.


     “The Lord's our rock, in Him we hide.  A shelter in the time of storm.

     Secure whatever ill betide, A shelter in the time of storm.”