Our Core Values:

  • We deeply value the Bible as the Word of God. We believe that God’s Word must be the foundation for all preaching, teaching and daily living. 

  • We deeply value the importance of coming together regularly for praise and worship. We believe that participation in worship glorifies God and helps us grow in our Christian faith.

  • We deeply value providing opportunities for spiritual growth and education that help people of all ages and backgrounds come to:

      * Understand God’s redemptive plan of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ

      * Experience new life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

      * Mature as faithful followers, disciples, witnesses and servants of Jesus Christ

  • We deeply value faithful stewardship, service and commitment as we carry out the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

  • We deeply value the work of mission and evangelism as we contribute personal time. hope and love that is found in Jesus Christ.